Mary Worley is simply the most experienced farm and residential appraiser in southeast Missouri. Mary has been in the Dexter, Missouri and Stoddard County since 1974 and her experience makes the difference. Mary's work is efficient, exact and more importantly correct and timely. Call Mary or email to discuss your appraisal needs today.

6 reasons you need an appraisal

Inheritance and/or Retrospectives:

The history of farming in America is all about the family. So during times of family transition you need an expert you can trust to help value your property for inheritance, trusts, and sometimes even for taxes, CPA's and attorneys. A time of family transition is tough enough so deal with the pro that has helped more families in this area than anyone, Mary Worley. She has the experience, the access, the knowledge and the appreciation of the importance of your family farm.

If you are selling your farm or home:

Homeowners should always consider seeking a pre-listing appraisal on any property before it is listed for sale. This information will provide you with market data and a fair value of your real estate or farm. Doing this early in the process can easily pay for the appraisal with knowledge and history to present to buyers and to establish your asking price. Getting an appraisal increases the likelihood of a faster deal and an easier closing.

If you are refinancing your farm or home:

When you refinance you are replacing your old mortgage with a new one and that means there is a very good chance the values have changed. Since you first bought the property, conditions, timing, the market and rates could all factors in an ever-changing buyers/sellers market. Lenders will want to know this number too so that the refinance can be justified. If your property has increased greatly you might want to edit the specifics of your refinance. You may also decide that now is a good time to pull out part of the equity in cash to use elsewhere. An appraisal helps you make those hard decisions with today's numbers.

If you are getting a home equity loan:

Unlike refinancing, home equity loans are a second loan on top of the existing mortgage. The amount you can borrow in a home equity loan is based largely on the amount of equity you have after the remaining value of the mortgage is subtracted from the current value of the house. If your home has decreased in value, you may not be eligible for a home equity loan. If it has increased, you may be able to get more or better terms. You need an appraisal to make the wise choice.

If you are using this property as collateral:

Other types of loans, including cash and business loans, may require you to use your home as a source of collateral. As with home equity loans, the bank will want to make sure the money it lends is supported by the current value of your property.

If you are appealing tax assessments:

Property taxes are calculated based on what local authorities decide is a fair market value at the time. But who is to say these numbers are accurate, current or fair? An appraisal can and will do that! Hiring an independent appraiser to offer facts and data to support your case will help you decided whether you need to pursue the abatement or tax adjustment. Plus, at the hearing or with the presentation you'll have all you need to offer the strongest case possible for your accurate value of the property.